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Summer Internship

Internship positions are now available in the Institute for Intelligent Systems at the University of Memphis (UM-IIS) for Summer of 2015. Individuals who fill these positions join a research team that develops next-generation intelligent tutoring systems, analyzes political discourse using natural language processing techniques, and designs intelligent agents for various purposes. Some internship slots will focus on conversational agents to help students learn various subjects, including electronic circuits, reading comprehension, and personal health decisions. Interns will become proficient in tools to create computerized tutoring dialogs, apply statistics, or analyze text quantitatively.  This internship should also include some secondary focus on entrepreneurship and transitioning educational technologies to market, such as gathering expected user profiles and the learning and training needs for current work environments.

Purpose: Interns with the following skills are preferred:
  • Interns with prior tutoring or teaching experience and strong domain knowledge (particularly in Electronic Circuits)
  • Interns with experience in cognitive science and learning theory,
  • Interns with programming experience and/or the ability to think about processes in a highly-structured way. 
 These internships are expected to start on June 1, 2015 and last through the end of August (approximately Aug 21, or when students must leave for classes).
  • Hourly Expectations: 25 hours/week
  • Base Salary: $10/hour for high school and undergraduates, $12/hour for graduate students
  • Start Date: June 1, 2015
  • Application Materials: Please attach a resume or CV describing your qualifications attached to a short (< 150 word) email indicating which position you are applying for and how you feel that you could contribute to research at UM-IIS.  Also, please provide the start and end dates during the summer when you are available to work. Please email these materials to the contact email related to the internship you are applying for. Make sure to include any additional materials required by your specific position.
  • Expected qualifications and duties of each internship type will be described below.
    • Content Analysis Internships
      • Description: Interns will author content for the intelligent tutoring system to use when talking with students.  These interns should have an interest and strong background in one of the domain content areas (Electronics, Reading Comprehension, Health Decisions)
      • Required Skills: Content analysis interns may range from graduating high school seniors up to graduate students.
      • Preferred Skills: Prior tutoring experience would be a plus.
    • Cognitive Task Analysis Internships
      • Description: Interns will review algebra problems and questions generated by math content interns. Cognitive task interns are expected to take a greater leadership role in their cohort and are expected to have at least some college credit in psychology.
      • Required Skills: Undergraduate or graduate students majoring in cognitive psychology or cognitive sciences.
      • Preferred Skills: Strong leadership and communication skills
    • Programming Internships
      • Description: Interns will create web-based user interfaces using JavaScript and/or back-end server-side utilities written in Python or Java. Interns should have some prior experience with programming projects and good code practices (e.g., documentation, testing).  Programming interns should provide a code sample in their strongest programming language, as well as a second code sample in either JavaScript or Python.
      • Required Skills: Solid fundamental object-oriented programming skills in one or more programming languages. Prior programming experience on group projects.
      • Preferred Skills: Python, Java, or JavaScript experience

Contact Emails: Please send your CV to both Dr. Xiangen Hu (xhu@memphis.edu) and Dr. Benjamin Nye (bdnye@memphis.edu)